Many fashion brands from Burberry to H&M destroy old stock as a long-time practice to ensure the exclusivity of product for luxury brands and as a means of clearing storage space for low cost - high volume retailers. Following the basic rule of the supply meeting demand, we made the decision to only produce what our customers want, thus eliminating the need to discount products at the end of season.

Sellect styles are first going to be available PRESALE with a 10% to 15% discount and free shipping for a limited time (as specified in product description), prior to production commencement. By doing this we are able to plan the stock according to the pre-orders received.

Thanks to the longstanding relationships we have built with our low-volume factories in Slovenia, we are able to manufacture at low minimum quantities, guaranteeing the delivery of all preordered items within the specified times.

on presale

kiss the future - until 30th april